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ABOUT Component Sourcing Solutions, Inc.

Since 1999, Component Sourcing Solutions, Inc. has been supplying our customers with quality parts.

Today, it is more important than ever to have a reliable supplier that you can count on for quality components. Testing and or screening parts is no guarantee that parts are authentic or functional for any length of time beyond the test period. One way to mitigate the risk of obtaining counterfeit parts is to work with a "Trusted Supplier". At Component Sourcing Solutions, we only source product through authorized channels  or from suppliers that can verify product origination. (ie. traceability, Mfr Certs etc..)

If you have a long lead-time, an allocated part or an obsolete component, we will utilize over 20 years of industry experience to solve your emergency. We handle all commodity types; active, passive, discrete and electro-mechanical. We can also help with peripherals such as hard drives, wire and cable, hardware etc.. If you have a problem and part number, let us help.. (You can rest assured that we care as much as you do about the quality of the products we source..)

   All incoming parts are put 
   through a fully documented 
   quality control inspection 
   process to ensure our customers
   only get the highest quality  
            AS 9120B & 
          ISO 9001:2015

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